Use our in-house platforms and modular kits for the rapid development of professional prototypes and MVPs.



We support your product idea with a variety of modular kits and our in-house platforms. Avoid unnecessary costs and reach your goal faster.


Alexander W. Jonke Managing Director Ultratronik


We boost your product technology

Use our product lines, platforms and IoT solutions for efficient product development.

Scalable high-performance platforms, perfectly supported with Extended Eco System

We offer high-performance, fanless, ultra-low-power and real-time capable computing platforms including operating systems for applications in different performance classes to differentiate your product lines.

Our platforms

  • PIC
  • ESP32
  • Arm® Cortex®-M4
  • Arm® Cortex®-M7
  • Arm® Cortex®-A5
  • Multi-core Arm® Cortex®-A7
  • Multi-core Arm® Cortex®-A9
  • Multi-core Arm® Cortex®-A53
Embedded IoT Gateway Platforms Grafik

Individually optimized gateways for complete product lines

Our embedded IoT gateway platforms can be particularly easily integrated into your products and entire product families.

With Yocto Linux and Python, you rely on a proven and secure basis that allows you to accelerate your development on all of our platforms and significantly reduce development time.

  • Powerful Arm® Cortex®-A7 CPU
  • WLAN/BT low energy (PLUS)
  • Interfaces ETH0, ETH1, RS485 (RS485/422)
  • Embedded Yocto Linux
  • Enhanced security due to EdgeLock©
  • Advanced edge-to-cloud security for IoT applications
  • Python scripting libraries
  • No lock-in effect

Ready-to-install capacitive touchscreens from 5.0″ to 15.6″

Outstanding performance in touch technology and brilliant optics thanks to optical bonding.

Perfect viewing angles and excellent brightness, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, robust and available for a long time

Our touch panels are available in the diagonals 5″, 7″, 10.1″ and 15.6″

Fanless HMI touch panels for IoT and web applications

The complete panel PC solution with IP65 HMI glass touch front, 7.0” WVGA Industrial TFT display and multi-touch PCAP EETI. The multi-core Arm® Cortex®-A9 SBC is equipped with Ethernet and PoE, among other things. Individual adjustments are easy to implement.

IoT Smart Panel PC

  • IoT platform
  • IoT Framework
  • IoT Cloud Connector
  • IoT cloud services
  • Over the air update
  • connectivity services

Smart IoT gateway for industrial edge and cloud connection

Our Retrofit Box enables a simple and cost-effective way to connect to a cloud. Existing plants, machines, devices and systems can be quickly retrofitted for Industry 4.0.

IoT retrofit box

  • Multi-core Arm® Cortex®-A9 SBC
  • LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC
  • GSM, LTE, 5G
  • USB, CAN, RS485, Modbus
  • 3D sensor and tamper switch
  • Trust Secure Unit
  • M.2 extension


We make enthusiasm tangible.

Elevate product design to the central element of your product development right from the start.

Exciting MVPs

Develop exciting IoT prototypes and MVPs in a few “experience sprints”. Access to all our product know-how as well as our internal accelerators.

Experience products digitally

Consider your product ideas before physical production with the help of our VR prototyping accelerator.

Create prototypes and small series

Use our mechanical engineering know-how together with the latest 3D printing processes for fast, convincing results.

Remote UX crowd testing of products and embedded interfaces

Knowing what makes users tick and what their needs are – that is what UX design is all about. That’s why we developed the remote usability testing tool for flexible and automated crowd testing, of course based on scientifically sound methods. Individual usability tests can be created and your own test environments for asynchronous test runs can be created via an easy-to-use user interface. For subjects, the tool provides maximum flexibility – in terms of space and time – and with its simple and efficient tests, it delivers reliable results within a very short time.


Profound support for business issues in the context of IoT and Smart Connected Devices.

Find the right perspective

Development of individual IoT business models incl. value proposition, service design, operating model, tech architecture and partner analysis.

Support in your decision-making

Evaluate your product idea using financial profitability calculations and convince your stakeholders. Compare different business model configurations and define important price points.

Realize products in an agile way

Definition of an agile operating model for the implementation of your product idea. Ability to provide project roles such as SCRUM master or product owner.

Use the potential of the Metaverse

Holistic development of transformative use cases for the metaverse. Conception of digital spaces and integration of all necessary digital and physical assets along the customer journey (e.g. as NFTs).

Alexander W. Jonke Managing Director Ultratronik




We offer you a variety of modular platforms that greatly accelerate product development and reduce the complexity within the process. The most suitable platform is selected individually in the analysis of the desired application and the associated technological requirements. We are happy to support you as an integrated partner throughout the entire process from idea to implementation.

Retrofit means the subsequent networking and integration of existing products into digital ecosystems. With our retrofit box, we enable you to make your existing products IoT-ready quickly and at low cost and to gain initial experience with new IoT use cases.

The development of physical products is associated with higher initial development costs. Virtual reality technologies make it possible to experience product developments digitally and to validate initial marketing hypotheses more quickly and cost-effectively. With the help of our “virtual prototyping” you will receive the first results at an early stage and can further develop your product in a customer-centric manner.