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Alexander Sorg – Managing Director

Alexander Sorg
Managing Director


Prof. Dr. Eva Brucherseifer – Research & Innovation

Prof. Dr. Eva Brucherseifer
Research & Innovation


Stefan Thalhammer – Managing Director Design

Stefan Thalhammer
Managing Director Design


PD Dr. Alexander Wiethoff – Director UX Design

PD Dr. Alexander Wiethoff
Director UX Design


Markus Ernst – Head of Research & Development

Markus Ernst
Head of Research & Development


Robert Stumpe – Teamleader Software IoT

Robert Stumpe
Teamleader Software IoT


Numerous customers have been working with us for many product generations. They trust in our extended expert knowledge in the areas of embedded system engineering, IoT engineering, UX design and manufacturing services. They truly appreciate, that at U-Experten all disciplines work together under one roof and share a strong responsibility for each and every customer project.
Interdisciplinary teams consult, design, develop, industrialise and produce individual embedded HMI units, smart connected devices, IoT- and cloud solutions with perfect user experience.
To guarantee a fast time to market, we provide our own embedded platforms and IoT frameworks. Furthermore, our extended Eco system ensures optimum development.

Embedded System Engineering and Platforms

Embedded Engineering
Engineering Teams
Engineering Teams

U-Experten represent the conception, development, implementation, industrialization, and transfer of your complete system into series production.

Our experienced and interdisciplinary teams are composed of employees from the areas of software, hardware, construction, industrial design, interface design, system engineering, and production engineering. These specialists implement your individual solution based on our own verified platforms – thereby ensuring competitive differentiation of your product and an accurate just-in-time production with the help of professional tools and methods.

We offer over 40 years of experience from more than 400 successfully realized projects.

U-Experten Embedded HMI Product Lines GO • MOVE • FLY • MACH
UX Product Lines

Our U-Experten product lines meet all necessary requirements in different performance classes in terms of scalability, performance, long-term availability, and robustness. This always guarantees high flexibility, low risk, and a short time-to-market.

GO • Economical HMI

MOVE • Attractive HMI

FLY • Multiple Value HMI

MACH • Top of the Line HMI

U-Experten Platforms PIC® • Arm® Cortex®-M STM32® • Arm® Cortex®-A5 • multi core Arm® Cortex®-A7 • multi core Arm® Cortex®-A9

To differentiate your product lines, we offer high-performance, fanless computing platforms complete with operating systems for professional applications in different performance classes. Connectivity, IoT-readiness, operating system, numerous interfaces, high computing performance, and thoughtful user interfaces together ensure an ideal user experience.

Arm® Cortex®-A9 Platform • for multiple HD PCAP glass touch HMIs

Arm® Cortex®-A7 Platform • for high definition PCAP glass touch HMIs

Arm® Cortex®-A5 Platform • for high resolution PCAP glass touch HMIs

Arm® Cortex®-M STM32® Platform • for graphical touch HMIs

PIC® Platform • for alphanumeric HMIs

U-Experten Extended Eco System – more than an integrated development environment
UX Extended Eco System

Our Extended Eco System is a scalable and safe investment. It offers you a predictable time-to-market and low initialization costs and is the proven basis for bringing products or entire product lines to the market quickly, safely, and in high quality.

The Extended Eco System includes engineering tools, methods, processes, and IP. This way, we ensure your products to be cost-effective, safe, and easy to maintain in the complete lifecycle.

IoT Engineering and Frameworks

IoT Platform Services
Edge to Cloud IoT Integration Frameworks
Edge to Cloud IoT Integration Frameworks

Um digitale Geschäftsmodelle kosteneffizient, global und skalierbar betreiben zu können, ist ein effizientes Gerätemanagement und vor allem die IoT Readiness Ihrer intelligenten Geräte notwendig.
Mit unserem Device Integration Framework ist die Bereitstellung der gerätespezifischen Eigenschaften des Embedded Systems, also aller Sensoren, Aktoren und Controls für Device-, Mobile- und Cloud App, schnell umsetzbar.
Unser Cloud App Integration Framework ermöglicht es, die Gerätedaten für die Cloud App zu definieren und bereit zu stellen. Zudem unterstützt das Framework die Anbindung an spezielle IoT Services von definierten Cloud Plattformen, zum Beispiel Azure, AWS und SAP.  Das Framework ermöglicht die Modellierung des Embedded Systems im Embedded Client und die Anbindung an die definierte Cloud Lösung. So steuern Sie zentral Ihre weltweit vernetzten Geräte, von wo Sie wollen.

IoT Solutions


In einer hierarchischen, flexiblen Organisationsstruktur setzen wir ein smartes Device Onboarding um. Dies ermöglicht ein effizientes Gerätemanagement und eine sinnvolle Organisationsstruktur der vernetzen Geräte. Dies abgebildet in einer Tenant Struktur, ermöglicht wiederum eine übersichtliche Benutzerverwaltung und das An- und Abmelden von Devices.

Smart Update

Smart Update

Smart Update ermöglicht es, intelligent vernetze Geräte „over the air“ nach bestimmten Kriterien mit neuen Software-Paketen zu bespielen. Dadurch können Sicherheit und Funktion der Geräte kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt werden. Somit kann der komplette Lebenszyklus eines Gerätes intelligent unterstützt werden.

Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and Control

Wir ermöglichen Ihnen eine effiziente Statusüberwachung Ihrer Geräte über ein modernes Web UI. Somit können Sie den Aufenthaltsort ihrer Geräte feststellen und Gerätedaten sammeln. Hieraus ergibt sich die Möglichkeit intuitive Tools zu entwickeln, um zum Beispiel Daten aus externen Systemen zu integrieren und Erkenntnisse in Regeln zu überführen, die automatisch Aktionen und Reports ausführen. Dadurch wird es denkbar, ganze Geschäftsprozesse bis in ERP-/CRM Systeme hinein auszulösen. 
Nutzen Sie die Potentiale der Digitalisierung voll aus!

IoT App Development
IoT App Development

Unsere Spezialisten entwickeln kundenspezifisch und speziell für Ihre Anwendung benötigte Mobile Apps. Hierfür werden Cross Plattformen genutzt, um beispielsweise direkt aus Ihrem lokalen Netzwerk oder über ein mobiles Device von überall auf der Welt auf Ihre IoT Lösung zugreifen zu können. Über die komplette Integration von Edge Devices wird Ihre Cloud Anwendung mit mobiler App zu einer IoT Gesamtlösung.

Multi Network
Multi Network

Um die Internet-Verbindung für intelligent vernetzte Geräte weltweit sicherzustellen, bieten wir ein globales SIM Card Management mit intelligenten Funktionen und entscheidenden Vorteilen für Gerätehersteller.
Durch Großkundentarife mit den besten Netzbetreibern für weltweite SIM-Karten und Datentarife können wir Ihnen einfache, attraktive Preismodelle anbieten, um Ihre Devices mit aktuellen Wireless Technologien (3G/4G, …) anzubinden.

User Experience Design

UX Design for Smart Connected Devices
User Centered Design
User Centered Design

Right from the start, we involve the user in product development. With scientific methods, various research measures, and investigation in our UX-Lab, we gain important insights into product optimization at the decisive milestones of the development. Our systematic and holistic design process helps us design electronic products that people enjoy using and truly love.

User Centered Design Services
User Desk Research • Market Desk Research • User Field Research • Market Field Research • Usability Testing • User Experience Testing • Experts Review

Interface Design
Interface Design

As a mediator between function and interaction, between technology and emotion, we create products in which the user is always the focus of attention. We ensure a functional and aesthetic design of interactive products – from the user interface of individual solutions to complete product families. In doing so, we combine our passion for perfection and innovation with our understanding of complex products.

Interface Design Services
Interface Design Draft • Prototyping & Testing • Interface Design Realisation • Styleguide

Industrial Design
Industrial Design

We love to create exciting products. Our staff has an extremely extensive knowledge of production, technology, assembly, and materials, which enables us to design cost and series oriented. By considering ergonomics and compliance at every stage of the realization, we create truly successful products and product families.

Industrial Design Services
Design Study • Industrial Design Draft • Industrial Design Engineering • Design Prototyping

Manufacturing Services for electronic modules, systems and devices

Manufacturing Services for electronic modules, systems und devices

To hold a functional prototype in their own hands for the first time and to experience their own idea becoming a physical product, is a fascinating feeling for everyone involved. We are your end-to-end partner for complete systems and support from your first sketch up to your finished industrialized product in series production.

Over 40 years of experience in prototyping and series production allow us to advise you competently and professionally on the complexity, costs, supply chain, and scalability of your project.

This gives you the opportunity to seize valuable chances for growth – quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.


In this phase, you transform your prototype into a series product – with all the associated qualification runs, validations, and documents. Considering usability, manufacturability, documentation, test specification, packaging, logistics, and maintainability even at the prototype stage and by jointly developing quality agreements, we enable you to benefit from a fast time-to-market in the industrialization phase.

Frequent feedback on possible optimizations in all areas of the production ensures a perfect interplay of quality, compliance, adaptation, and efficiency.

The industrialization phase is the all-embracing conception and validation of the later production processes and includes Design of Testability (DfT), Design for Manufacturing (DfM), Design for Cost (DfC), and Design for Logistics (DfL).

Series Production
Series Production

The start of series production is an extremely exciting phase. After long and thorough preparatory work, all expectations and promises – and maybe even first trade fair orders – are to be fulfilled. Finally, it is time to bring the long-awaited success into reality. Now is the time to establish yourself on the market and to secure the ROI of development costs.

With the help of our audited development, design, manufacturing, and test processes, you ensure on-time delivery, product quality, and delivery security.

Completely focusing on your needs, we make sure that you remain flexible in changing markets. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by our professional life cycle management, perfectly coordinated processes, and sophisticated lean management. Benefit from an optimal material flow, latest technologies, powerful machinery, and efficient processes.


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U-Experten are the specialists for consulting, implementation and production of individual HMI control devices and smart connected devices. Interdisciplinary teams from UX design, engineering and production develop, design, and produce connected products with a perfect user experience.

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