Development, design and production of your hardware and software products



We have been supporting many of our customers for several product generations. They rely on our proven expert knowledge in the areas of embedded system engineering, IoT engineering, UX design and manufacturing services. Our customers appreciate the fact that all disciplines work under one roof with U-Experten and jointly assume responsibility for each individual customer project.

Interdisciplinary teams consult, design, develop, industrialize and manufacture individual embedded HMIs, smart connected devices, IoT and cloud solutions with perfect user experience.

To ensure a fast time to market, we have our own embedded platforms and IoT frameworks. In addition, our Extended Eco System ensures optimal development.


Alexander W. Jonke Managing Director Ultratronik


Years of experience

U-experten stand for conception, development, implementation, industrialization and transfer of your complete system to series production.

Our interdisciplinary teams have many years of experience and are made up of employees from the areas of IoT, software, hardware, mechanical engineering, industrial design, interface design, system engineering and production engineering. These specialists implement your solution with verified platforms and with professional tools and methods. This reduces development times and risks for your project.

We offer you over 40 years of experience from more than 400 successfully implemented projects.

Hardware development

Competitive electronics development

No matter in which development phase you want to involve us, we support you with comprehensive advice, clear concept definition and competent implementation of the electronics development. Our engineers work with the latest development tools and guarantee you high-quality and competitive electronics.

  • PCB design
  • Layout services
  • EMC Lab
  • Established development process
  • State-of-the-art tools
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Over 40 years of experience

Production-ready and cost-optimized implementation

We support you in every phase of your product development. Our designers are very familiar with the requirements of system design – thanks to countless successful projects. Our decades of experience with a wide variety of manufacturing processes from injection molding to 3D printing and the interdisciplinary knowledge of our employees enable us to engineer optimal series products.

  • Production-oriented and cost-optimized implementation
  • Digital simulations
  • 3D CAD development of components, mechatronic systems and devices
  • Extensive experience in metals, plastics, composites and glass
  • Latest manufacturing technologies and finishing methods
  • Rapid prototyping

Transparent and quality-oriented software development

Software, IoT or app development; single components or complete application; in cooperation with your team or completely with us; as a new project or add-on – our software engineering always acts transparently, independently and with a maximum focus on quality.

  • Software engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Systems integration
  • App development
  • IoT development
  • UI design
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • OPC UA & connectivity services
  • Cloud & IoT services


System and software architecture development with Qt

We develop successful applications for customers from a wide variety of industries. We work with Qt, Qt Quick/QML and C++ on the platforms Embedded Linux, Windows, OSX, Android and iOS.

Our services

  • Development of system and software architecture
  • Implementation of responsive HMIs with Qt Widgets or Qt Quick/QML
  • Creation of frameworks, graphical components and widget libraries for product platforms
  • Qt on Embedded Linux
  • Porting of existing applications to Qt – for example from MFC or Motif

Powerful web and single-page applications

Are you looking for powerful web and modern single-page applications? We develop for you both for performance-limited touch HMIs on embedded hardware and for powerful desktop and mobile platforms. Use Node.js/Typescript or C++ (with or without Qt) in the backend – our experts will be happy to advise you.

Our services for your web application

  • Development of system and software architecture
  • Implementation of responsive HMIs
  • Creation of single page applications with Angular
  • Creation of Progressive WebApps (PWA)
  • iOS and Android apps with web technologies
  • Creation of frameworks and component libraries for product platforms
  • Implementation of application backends with Node.js, NestJS and/or C++/Qt
  • Construction of distributed and scalable server architectures
  • Rest API design and development
  • Web socket with

Application development with Embedded Linux

We have extensive know-how in developing applications on Embedded Linux – for example with Yocto, Buildroot, ptxdist and Ubuntu.

Our Linux skills

  • Use of Yocto, Buildroot, Ptxdist and Debian/Ubuntu
  • System architecture and the appropriate selection of software components
  • Creation and maintenance of build recipes (packaging)
  • Toolchains and build processes
  • Image and SDK creation
  • Correct handling of free and open source licenses
  • Upgrade of Qt in various BSPs
  • Connectivity management with Connman or Networkmanager (Ethernet, Wi-FI, PLC, Mobile, AP)

Open standard for Industry 4.0

OPC UA is a central part of “Industry 4.0” and, as an open standard, ensures the smooth exchange of data and interoperability between machines and components. OPC UA comes from the context of industrial automation and is used in more and more industries.

Benefit from our OPC UA know-how

  • Implementation of client and server applications
  • Development of individual gateways and protocol translators
  • Development and upstreaming of new Qt OPC UA and open62541 features

Smooth connection of machines, sensors and products

We ensure a smooth connection of your machines, sensors and consumer products to a cloud and thus help you to develop new business models. Cloud services offer high availability of computing and storage capacities and open up completely new applications that go far beyond conventional usage models. Benefit from our experience in selecting cloud services and easily set up a sustainable and flexible architecture.

Our cloud services include

  • Development of server, system and software architecture
  • Implementation of server applications with Node.js
  • Building distributed and scalable web socket applications
  • Rest API design and development
  • SQL and NoSQL database development
  • Data acquisition on plants, machines and devices
  • Building a digital shadow in the cloud
  • MQTT and AMQP
  • Digital Twin Development and construction of behavioral models in the cloud
  • Continuous Deployment and Delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps
  • Retrofit of existing systems, machines and devices
  • Apache Spark for data analysis
  • Creation of modern web applications and companion apps


Involve the user

We involve the user in product development from the very beginning. With scientific methods, various research measures and investigations in our in-house UX lab, we gain important insights into product optimization. Our systematic and holistic design process helps us create electronic products that people enjoy using and find inspiring.

User centered design services

  • User desk research
  • Market Desk Research
  • User field research
  • Market Field Research
  • Usability testing
  • User experience testing
  • Expert’s Review

function and aesthetics

As a mediator between function and interaction, between technology and emotion, we design products that always focus on the user. We ensure a functional and aesthetic design of interactive products – from the user interface of individual solutions to complete product families. We combine our passion for perfection and innovation with our understanding of complex systems.

Interface design services

  • Interface design draft
  • prototyping & testing
  • Interface design realization
  • style guide

Inspiring products

We love to design inspiring products. We have an extremely extensive understanding of production, technology, assembly and materials, which enables us to design in a cost- and series-oriented manner. Because we take ergonomics, design for manufacturing and compliance into account in every phase of implementation, we create successful series products right up to entire product families.

Industrial design services

  • Design study
  • Industrial Design Draft
  • Industrial design engineering
  • Design prototyping


For industrialization and series transition

It is a fascinating feeling for everyone involved to hold the first functional prototype in their hands and to experience their own idea as a physical product. We are your end-to-end partner for systems and accompany you from the first sketch to the finished industrialized product in series production.

More than 40 years of experience in prototype and series production qualify us to advise you competently and professionally with regard to the complexity, costs, supply chain and scalability of your project.

Conception and validation of the series processes

In this phase, we convert your prototype into a series product – with all the associated qualification runs, validations and documents. Because we already consider usability, producibility, documentation, test specification, packaging, logistics and maintainability in the prototype stage and make quality agreements together with you, you benefit from a fast time-to-market in the industrialization phase.

Regular feedback on possible optimizations in all dimensions of the production spectrum ensure a perfect interaction of quality, compliance, adaptation and efficiency.

The industrialization phase includes the all-encompassing conception and validation of the later series processes. It includes Design of Testability (DfT), Design for Manufacturing (DfM), Design for Cost (DfC) and Design for Logistic (DfL).

Professional life cycle and lean production management of the highest quality

The start of series production is a crucial phase for a successful product launch.

A task that our customers have successfully mastered for many years with the help of our interdisciplinary teams and our systematic approach based on audited processes.

During the series production period, we guide your product safely through changing markets on schedule and with the highest quality through professional life cycle management and consistent lean production management.

Benefit from an optimal supply chain, the latest technologies and a powerful machine park.

Alexander W. Jonke Managing Director Ultratronik