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Alexander Sorg – Managing Director

Alexander Sorg
Managing Director

Heike Ziegler – Managing Director

Heike Ziegler
Managing Director

Stefan Thalhammer – Managing Director Design

Stefan Thalhammer
Managing Director Design

PD Dr. Alexander Wiethoff – Director UX Design

PD Dr. Alexander Wiethoff
Director UX Design

Markus Ernst – Head of Research & Development

Markus Ernst
Head of Research & Development

Alexander W. Jonke Head of Strategy, Transformation and Consulting

Alexander W. Jonke
Head of Strategy, Transformation and Consulting

Numerous customers have been working with us for many product generations. They trust in our extended expert knowledge in the areas of embedded system engineering, IoT engineering, UX design and manufacturing services. They truly appreciate, that at U-Experten all disciplines work together under one roof and share a strong responsibility for each and every customer project.
Interdisciplinary teams consult, design, develop, industrialise and produce individual embedded HMI units, smart connected devices, IoT- and cloud solutions with perfect user experience.
To guarantee a fast time to market, we provide our own embedded platforms and IoT frameworks. Furthermore, our extended Eco system ensures optimum development.

Embedded System Engineering

Embedded Engineering
Embedded Systems Engineering
UX Gruppe Meeting

U-Experten represent the conception, development, implementation, industrialization, and transfer of your complete system into series production.

Our experienced and interdisciplinary teams are composed of employees from the areas of IoT, software, hardware, construction, industrial design, interface design, system engineering, and production engineering. These specialists implement your solution based on verified platforms – thereby ensuring competitive differentiation of your product and an accurate just-in-time production with the help of professional tools and methods.

We offer over 40 years of experience from more than 400 successfully realized projects.

Hardware Development
Hardware Development

It doesn't matter in which stage of your development we get involved, we will support you with extensive consulting, clear-cut concept definition, and competent implementation of your electronics development.

Our engineers work with state-of-the-art development tools and make sure you produce high- quality and competitive electronics.

  • PCB design
  • Layout services
  • EMI lab
  • Established development process
  • State-of-the-art tools
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • More than 40 years of experience
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

The specialists in our mechanical engineering department will support you in every stage of your product development. Thanks to numerous successful projects, our engineers know the requirements of modern system design by heart. For decades, we have had extensive knowledge of the different manufacturing processes ranging from die casting to 3D-printing. This experience combined with the interdisciplinary knowledge of our employees enables us to design ideal series products.

  • Production-oriented and cost-efficient implementation
  • Digital simulations
  • 3D-CAD development of components, mechatronic systems, and devices
  • Extensive experience with metal, synthetic materials, composites, and glass
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing technology and refining methods
  • Rapid prototyping
Software an IoT Development
Software IoT

It doesn’t matter if you`re looking for software, IoT or app development, whether individual components or complete applications. In direct cooperation with your team or completely worked out by us. As a new project or as an add-on to existing systems – our software engineering always acts transparently, independently and with maximum quality orientation.

  • Software engineering
  • System engineering
  • System integration
  • App development
  • IoT development
  • UI design
  • Training
  • Coaching 
  • OPC UA & connectivity services
  • Cloud & IoT services

Software Engineering Services

Software Engineering Services
Qt Services
Software Engineering Services

Working with Qt, Qt Quick / QML, and C ++ on Embedded Linux, Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS, we develop successful applications for customers from a wide range of industries.

Our Services

  • Development of system and software architecture
  • Implementation of responsive HMIs with Qt Widgets or Qt Quick / QML
  • Creation of frameworks, graphic components, and widget libraries for product platforms
  • Qt on embedded Linux
  • Porting of existing applications to Qt – for example from MFC or Motif
Web applications
Software Engineering Services

Are you looking for powerful web and modern single-page applications? We develop for limited-performance touch HMIs on embedded hardware as well as for high-performance desktop and mobile platforms. Having problems choosing Node.js / Typescript or C ++ (with or without Qt)? Our experts will gladly help you find the best backend solution.

Our services for your web application

  • Development of system and software architecture
  • Implementation of responsive HMIs
  • Creation of single-page applications with Angular
  • Creation of Progressive WebApps (PWA)
  • iOS and Android apps with web technologies
  • Creation of frameworks and component libraries for product platforms
  • Implementation of application backends with Node.js, NestJS, and / or C ++ / Qt
  • Development of distributed and scalable server architectures
  • Rest API design and development
  • Websocket with Socket.io
  • Database development
Embedded Linux
Software Engineering Services

Yocto, Buildroot, ptxdist, and Ubuntu – over the past 15 years we have built up extensive know-how in the development of applications on embedded Linux.

Our Linux competencies

  • Usage of Yocto, Buildroot, Ptxdist, and Debian / Ubuntu
  • System architecture and selection of suitable software components
  • Creation and maintenance of build recipes (packaging)
  • Toolchains and build processes
  • Image and SDK creation
  • Correct use of free and open source licenses
  • Upgrade of Qt in various BSPs
  • Connectivity management with Connman or network manager (Ethernet, Wi-FI, PLC, Mobile, AP)
Software Engineering Services

OPC UA is a central component of "industry 4.0" and, as an open standard, it ensures the smooth exchange of data and interoperability between machines and components. OPC UA was developed in the context of industrial automation and is used in an increasing number of industries.

Benefit from our OPC UA know-how

  • Implementation of client and server applications
  • Development of individual gateways and protocol translators
  • Development and upstreaming of new Qt OPC UA and open62541 features
Cloud & IoT development
Software Engineering Services

Use our skills to develop new business models and ensure your machines, sensors, and consumer products connect smoothly to the cloud. Cloud services offer a high availability of computing and storage capacities and open up completely new use cases that go far beyond conventional usage models. Benefit from our experience in the selection of cloud services and set up a sustainable and flexible architecture.

Our cloud services include

  • Development of server, system, and software architecture
  • Implementation of server applications with Node.js
  • Building distributed and scalable websocket applications
  • Rest API design and development
  • SQL and NoSQL database development
  • Data acquisition on systems, machines, and devices
  • Building a digital shadow in the cloud
  • MQTT and AMQP
  • Development of digital twins and behavior models in the cloud
  • Continuous deployment and delivery (CI / CD) and DevOps
  • Retrofitting of existing systems, machines, and devices
  • Apache Spark for data analysis
  • Creation of modern web applications and companion apps

Industrial Design

UX Design for Smart Connected Devices
User Centered Design
User Centered Design

Right from the start, we involve the user in product development. With scientific methods, various research measures, and investigation in our UX-Lab, we gain important insights into product optimization at the decisive milestones of the development. Our systematic and holistic design process helps us design electronic products that people enjoy using and truly love.

User Centered Design Services
User Desk Research • Market Desk Research • User Field Research • Market Field Research • Usability Testing • User Experience Testing • Experts Review

Interface Design
Interface Design

As a mediator between function and interaction, between technology and emotion, we create products in which the user is always the focus of attention. We ensure a functional and aesthetic design of interactive products – from the user interface of individual solutions to complete product families. In doing so, we combine our passion for perfection and innovation with our understanding of complex products.

Interface Design Services
Interface Design Draft • Prototyping & Testing • Interface Design Realisation • Styleguide

Industrial Design
Industrial Design

We love to create exciting products. Our staff has an extremely extensive knowledge of production, technology, assembly, and materials, which enables us to design cost and series oriented. By considering ergonomics and compliance at every stage of the realization, we create truly successful products and product families.

Industrial Design Services
Design Study • Industrial Design Draft • Industrial Design Engineering • Design Prototyping

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services for electronic modules, systems und devices

To hold a functional prototype in their own hands for the first time and to experience their own idea becoming a physical product, is a fascinating feeling for everyone involved. We are your end-to-end partner for complete systems and support from your first sketch up to your finished industrialized product in series production.

Over 40 years of experience in prototyping and series production allow us to advise you competently and professionally on the complexity, costs, supply chain, and scalability of your project.

This gives you the opportunity to seize valuable chances for growth – quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.


In this phase, you transform your prototype into a series product – with all the associated qualification runs, validations, and documents. Considering usability, manufacturability, documentation, test specification, packaging, logistics, and maintainability even at the prototype stage and by jointly developing quality agreements, we enable you to benefit from a fast time-to-market in the industrialization phase.

Frequent feedback on possible optimizations in all areas of the production ensures a perfect interplay of quality, compliance, adaptation, and efficiency.

The industrialization phase is the all-embracing conception and validation of the later production processes and includes Design of Testability (DfT), Design for Manufacturing (DfM), Design for Cost (DfC), and Design for Logistics (DfL).

Series Production
Series Production

The start of series production is an extremely exciting phase. After long and thorough preparatory work, all expectations and promises – and maybe even first trade fair orders – are to be fulfilled. Finally, it is time to bring the long-awaited success into reality. Now is the time to establish yourself on the market and to secure the ROI of development costs.

With the help of our audited development, design, manufacturing, and test processes, you ensure on-time delivery, product quality, and delivery security.

Completely focusing on your needs, we make sure that you remain flexible in changing markets. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by our professional life cycle management, perfectly coordinated processes, and sophisticated lean management. Benefit from an optimal material flow, latest technologies, powerful machinery, and efficient processes.



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U-Experten are the specialists for consulting, implementation and production of individual HMI control devices and smart connected devices. Interdisciplinary teams from innovation, UX design, strategy & operations, engineering and production develop, design, and produce connected products with a perfect user experience.

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