IoT - The Way to Smart Connected Devices

Digital transformation for devices means using innovative technologies and user experience design to create added value through interconnection and intelligent services. Sustainable success is achieved when these added values are monetized through a concrete business model.

Digital Transformation Business

Business Value

The identification of added value for the user and of unique selling points and potentials for the manufacturer is the starting point for developing a strong vision for the digital transformation. Business models and use cases are derived from this vision.

Digital Transformation Technology


The enormous range and depth of the technologies available on the market, necessary privacy and security aspects, diverse usage scenarios, as well as their dynamic development place high demands on both technological competence and decision-making processes.

Digital Transformation User Experience

User Experience

The design of the User Experience (UX) in the digital environment plays a decisive role as the user's first point of contact with the system. Services that do not deliver a positive User Experience won`t be used and will fail.

Anne Krahmer is enthusiastic:

"With the U-Experten we know a competent, reliable and flexible partner at our side. The team's many years of experience brought valuable inspiration and new ideas to our project.
We would like to emphasize the high level of personal commitment to which we owe the successful presentation of our first own mill app at Host 2019, the world's most important trade fair for the catering industry".

Anne Krahmer, Head of Global Marketing HEMRO Group

How will we support your digital transformation?

In this short video PD Dr. Alexander Wiethoff, Director UX Design at the U-Experten gives you a valuable overview about our agile approach and our scientifically proven methods!

Digital Transformation Video

How can you as a device manufacturer benefit?

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The Process: Think Big – Start Small

Based on our many years of experience in the design, development and realization of innovative devices and software, as well as current scientific findings and best practices, we have developed a process for the digital transformation and development of smart connected devices.

Digital Transformation Process Vision


Design Thinking methods tailored to smart connected devices lead to a clear structure and memorable visualization of ideas, use cases and value propositions.

Digital Transformation Process Journey


The assignment of user stories to key features creates clarity. This results in requirements for the device (e.g. sensors, interfaces), the cloud and connectivity.

Digital Transformation Process Concept


From user-friendliness to system architecture and pricing - the essential ingredients for the success of the product must be made tangible and needs to be verified.

Digital Transformation Process Product


A "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP) is the first version of a product or service with just enough features to excite early customers and users.

Andi und Bruno are fascinated:

"Both the close and cooperative collaboration with the UX Gruppe and the methodology and tools of the workshops with their diverse and clear results have helped us a lot to develop trend-setting paths into the future".

Andi and Bruno, Start-Up Air4Sup

Which benefits are waiting for you in the process of digital transformation?

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Workshops, Starter-Kits and Services


Smart Connected Devices Kick-Starter-Package

Two great workshops in one package, compact over two days. In the 1-day Vision Creation workshop, a vision of future product generations and features on the topic of smart connected devices will be discussed and designed together. Using selected UX design-thinking methods, the future product environment is created and puts the topic of connected devices and products into focus.

In the second workshop Journey Development the technical feasibility of future product generations and features of your smart connected devices is going to be designed. The journey development workshop focuses on technical feasibility and puts it into relation with business value.


  • Elaborated Value Proposition Canvas
  • Elaborated IoT-Use-Case Blueprints
  • Elaborated IoT Journey Canvas

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Technology Consulting Services

Technology Consulting Services


  • Expert review of existing landscape
  • Feasibility study
  • Tech comparison and evaluation
  • Concept generation
  • Technical proof


  • Reports
  • Technical Concept
  • Prototypes

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UX Design Services

IFD/UX/ID Design Services


  • Market and User Research
  • Design Study / Drafts
  • Crowd Remote Testing
  • Experience Prototyping  


  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Prototypes

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Digital Transformation Workshop

IoT Maturity Check

This maturity check helps you to reflect on digital transformation in many ways and to become aware of important success factors for smart connected devices.


  • Checklist
  • Evaluation
  • Expert recommendation

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How to get to the top of digital transformation?

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