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In a continuous change, you as a device manufacturer are faced with a multitude of challenges: in addition to the coordination of production risks, for example, the lack of talent or regulation make your actions more difficult. At the same time, you are in a race with new market participants for the digital future of your products and business models.

Using the interdisciplinary experience of our design, technology, and business consulting teams, we offer you a strategic advantage. We will continuously support you in achieving these three goals:


Know your market and the exact target groups that ask for the connectivity of your devices and services. Have a strategy that ensures a positive business case with (new) business models.


With our help, you can ensure that your infrastructure is ready for the networking of your smart connected devices. Create a value-oriented and secure use of your data and make your team fit for the product life cycle of your services.


With the help of user testing, you can quickly and iteratively move from your first product idea into series production and gain a lead over your competitors.


If implemented correctly, suitable products will change your organization in a positive way. U-Experten aim at a product-centric transformation of your business.

In our experience, there are typical transformation patterns:

IoT ready

IoT-readiness and connectivity of devices. Evolve your business to being a smart connected device provider by making your products smart (retrofit).

Eco system

Building smart product ecosystems. Transform your product into a connectivity and control solution. Develop cloud and mobile platform connections and ensure their integration into sales and service systems.

business model

Implementation of new business models through smart products. Develop data-based decisions for further development of product features in connection with the added value of your organization.


Sustainable scaling of your organization. Continuous new requirements of the product life cycle of smart connected devices are a chance for your team to achieve new excellence.

Ideation & Innovation

Wonder how you can take your product portfolio to the next level? Benefit from these competencies of the U-Experten:


  • Development of new product ideas and value propositions
  • Service design thinking
  • Development of new business models

Innovation management

  • Development of a vision and formulation of a mission for your smart product transformation at the organizational level
  • Establishment of a continuous innovation management
Product & UX Design
 Product & UX Design

What emotions does your future product evoke in your customers? How can you make sure it is actually used?

Our design experts offer you

  • User research
  • Design studies
  • User centered design
  • Interface design
  • Industrial design
  • UX/CX prototypi
Application, Cloud & Hardware
Application, cloud & hardware

Which software and hardware components are necessary to map the key features of your product?

We offer you

  • Cloud consulting: provider selection, independence check
  • System consulting: device, infrastructure, microservices, cloud, data, hardware
  • System integration: embedded Linux, applications, development infrastructure
  • Connectivity: requirements analysis, technology selection
  • Technology consulting on QT, web/mobile applications, OPC UA, open source
  • Data management: strategy, data selection and acquisition, telematics, application
  • IoT compliance and security
Strategy & Operations
Strategy & Operations

Which business model is the best for bringing your new product to market?

We'll secure your success

  • with value pool and value chain analysis
  • by defining the product strategy and business roadmap
  • by calculating total cost of ownership (TCO) and business case (ROI)
  • by defining a target operating model for the implementation of your product development
Coaching & Change
Coaching & Change

A smart product can change your organization, make sure your team is onboard.

With our support, you'll make your team adaptable for change:

  • Agile product development coaching
  • Lean-agile mindset coaching
  • Project management and governance
  • C-level masterclass on individual trend topics (e.g. IoT masterclass)
  • Change management and communication
  • Interim services/support

The process: Think Big – Start Small

Digital Transformation Process Vision


Design Thinking methods tailored to smart connected devices lead to a clear structure and memorable visualization of ideas, use cases and value propositions.

Digital Transformation Process Journey


The assignment of user stories to key features creates clarity. This results in requirements for the device (e.g. sensors, interfaces), the cloud and connectivity.

Digital Transformation Process Concept


From user-friendliness to system architecture and pricing - the essential ingredients for the success of the product must be made tangible and needs to be verified.

Digital Transformation Process Product


A "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP) is the first version of a product or service with just enough features to excite early customers and users.

Vision creation workshop


Two great workshops in one compact, two-day session. In the first workshop – vision creation - we will analyze the tasks of the stakeholders from a user perspective. In cross-functional teams, we'll generate ideas for attractive value propositions for future products and services. By prioritizing these ideas we can identify business potentials. We will then create innovative user journeys by using UX design thinking methods.
In the second workshop – journey development – we will jointly look at the feasibility of the ideas generated and prioritized on the first day. This workshop combines technical aspects with business value and user experience perspectives.

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