A true one-stop shop: U-Experten are leading specialists for the realization, industrialization, and production of individual embedded HMI panels and smart connected devices. For the consumer and capital goods sectors, our interdisciplinary teams of UX design, engineering, and production are developing, designing, and producing connected products and product lines with perfect user experience.


All companies and brands of the UX Gruppe stand for interdisciplinary cooperation in the areas of design, development, production, and distribution of industrial products. Excellent user experience is always our focus.
From technological and design ideas to series production, UX Gruppe offers a broad spectrum of innovative services, components, and individual overall solutions.

UX Gruppe unites Ultratronik GmbH, Ultratronik Vertriebs GmbH, Imago Design GmbH and the brands U-Experten and Paasphere under one roof. The group is located in Gilching, near Munich.




Qualität & Prozesse
Qualität & Prozesse
Qualität & Prozesse
Qualität & Prozesse
Qualität & Prozesse
Qualität & Prozesse

Putting the customer in the center of all efforts is the key element of the U-Experten philosophy. Since 1992 Ultratronik is working with a certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. In 2012, process management was introduced as the leading management concept in the entire UX Gruppe to align all activities consistently and continuously with customer benefits.

Since 2017 all companies and services of the UX Gruppe, including research, consulting and design are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Through consequent user centered design the U-Experten are making sure in very early stages of development to determine user requirements gaplessly.

The product development process implements all requirements in a targeted way, synchronizes all joining disciplines, coordinates communication and secures project- and process quality trough defined gates.

In their production the U-Experten work with acceptance criteria according to guideline IPC-A-610 class 2 for industry electronics. Effective, efficient and highly automated testing takes care of flawless products.

Embedded Platforms and IoT Frameworks

Intellectual Property – IP
Intellectual Property – IP
Intellectual Property – IP
Intellectual Property – IP
Intellectual Property – IP
Intellectual Property – IP

U-Experten and their embedded platforms and IoT frameworks provide for a safe and fast time to market. This includes verified embedded HMI product lines, embedded platforms in different performance classes, and our own Extended Eco System for ideal development, continuous integration and testing, hardware and software protocols for modularization, and much more - get started!


UX Labs

UX Labs

EMV PreCompliance Lab



User Experience Lab

Kitchen Experience Lab

Test Experience Lab



Four constitutional beliefs are representing our business ethics. Our integrated value management system supports that people in our organization live according to our corporate values.



Ventures are cooperation projects. All of our cooperations are characterized by confidence, openness and integrity.



Business which is aligned with the company´s long-term and balanced goals, is for the benefit of all. Our responsibility lies in sustainable activities.



The quest for excellence is the mainspring of our success. Our customers’ enthusiasm is the benchmark for our entrepreneurial thinking and endeavour.



All of our activities are people-focused. At all times, we respect the diversity of individuals.


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